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Alumni - Bradley Gavin

Bradley Gavin

Undergraduate at Southampton University & Freelance Social Media Marketing Consultant


Bradley attended Barnhill from 2001 – 2009.  He attained 10 A*- C grades at GCSEs and after finishing A Levels decided to travel across America and coach football for a total of 18 months before going to Southampton Solent University where he is yet to graduate but anticipates attaining a first class honours degree in the next 12 months.

What you are doing now: I am a final year undergraduate, a freelance social media marketing consultant and a marketing intern for a community theatre in my hometown. Also, I have undertaken some work with Unilever (FMCG company that owns Lynx, Ben and Jerrys and plenty more) and gained valuable experience alongside B&Q's marketing team.

Advice for students: One failure, even two, does not define who you are and what you are capable of. Keep working hard, be passionate about what you do and have fun whilst doing it. Whilst telling you to work hard is a bit of a given, it's the most relevant bit of advice I can offer you. The industry or university you are going into is going to be infinitely more competitive in two years (or even one) than it is now, so you need to stand out - nothing is going to be handed to you on a plate.

Book you should read: If I were to suggest a book that has helped guide me through life, I would highly recommend Dale Carnegie's - How to Win Friends and Influence People, it's a game changer!

I didn’t do as well as I should have….: I did not do as well as I should have in my A-levels because I became blinded and got distracted by my impending trip to America. I somehow felt that everything would just fall into place for me! As a result I had to do a foundation year at my university (which took my total to four years), which is incredibly draining on the brain! I am evidence of the fact that if you work hard enough, you can still turn it round. I plan to take my masters later this year and I am considering moving to China in a few years to study for my Phd. Furthermore, Sixth Form students I recommend you start making connections now with regards to university and jobs, but don't worry if you haven't quite decided on what you would like to do, you will eventually decide so make sure you keep searching online! Get yourself on LinkedIn and build a profile and get networking!