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Alumni - Shivan Fatania

Shivan Fatania 

IT apprentice with NP group


Shivan attended Barnhill between 2009 – 2013. He attained 6 A*-C grades at GCSE and following this he decided to complete an electrical installation apprenticeship at a local college. However, after 6 months, Shivan realised this career was not for him so he applied for an ICT apprenticeship in London and he currently is finishing his final year of it with NP Group.

What are you doing now: I am now coming towards the end of my ICT apprenticeship with NP Group.

Advice for students: Being a former pupil at Barnhill Community High School, the best advice out of my experience is the more effort you put in while you're at school, the easier it will be to choose your career path, as passing your GCSEs will open so many more doors. Don't stress and think too much about the occupation you want, first develop your personal skills (communication, leadership, etc.) and focus on your current situation, with your exams. Anything can be achieved with ambition and dedication.