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Corrine Blake

HR Manager for a leading Parking Management company

Corrine attended Barnhill between 1999 – 2004, and was one of the first students to walk through the doors of when the school first opened 16 years ago! Corrine attained 7 GCSEs at Barnhill and then went on to complete a further 3. Following this Corrine then undertook A-Levels in Media Studies, ICT and Business Studies. Corrine’s first choice university, Brighton, was where she completed a BA Hons Business Studies degree; she achieved a 2:1.

What are you doing now: I am currently a HR Manager for a leading Parking Management company and this company I have worked at since graduating. Initially I joined the company as a HR Assistant but with hard work and determination I was able to quickly progress into the job I currently undertake.

Advice to students: What you put in is what you will get out….so make the most of every opportunity!

Its important to remember to never give up, as everything is a learning experience and therefore just try and take something away from things which might not always go to plan.

You have to love and enjoy what you are doing, so when it comes to making decision go with what you love and are passionate about as it doesn’t only make that experience more interesting but you will enjoy it which will drive you to do your best!

There are so many career options and directions so do what’s best for you, which isn’t always the same as your friends or family.

Lastly…don’t wish the years away as they start to go really quickly! Always ask for help and stay focused!