Burnet News Clubs Visits South Bank Centre

Burnet News Clubs Visits South Bank Centre

The Burnet News Club visited London South Bank Centre to participate in an "Issues Around the World" session which focused on childhood needs and bullying.

Here is the students's review of the day: 

"After a sight seeing tour of Central London in the minibus, we joined a range of different schools at the South Bank Centre to talk about loads of issues from around the world and in the news which included human rights and children's rights. We also spoke to Cbeebies presenter, Cerrie Burnell, about what a childhood needs. We were really inspired by Cerrie because even though she had dyslexia and a disability, she overcame those to write a book and have a happy life. 

We learnt lots of different things and made hand prints for peace for a boy called Jimmy, who lost his life because of bullying. Our final workshop was the FJYP charity and our main question was, 'How do young people have their voices heard in court'? We answered the question by saying that 'don't worry about what others say, you are yourself.' We learnt many different ways to get help in the justice system. 

Finally, we enjoyed a walk down South Bank where we saw amazing new sites and people which made it a fun day." 

The Burnet News Club is now currently working on a blog post to address the Migrant Crisis in Syria and the various issues surrounding it. 

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