Challenge the Gap Careers Fair - Student Review

Challenge the Gap Careers Fair - Student Review

"The careers fair was a success as it was a once in a lifetime kind of chance. It was hosted by students from Barnhill and Harlington.

There were many different stalls in the fair - some stalls Barnhill produced were Law, Sports, and Hospitality & Catering. We interviewed primary school students and also we set up something called New Kudos which is a website that suggests careers for you. 

Harlington’s stands included Medicine, Engineering and Media. I think that the careers fair was a different and new thing to do and I personally had a lot of fun!

As I was managing the stall about Law, I had to answer so many questions and I was really astonished at how much more the primary school students knew compared to when I was in Year 6. 

During the time we have worked I have learnt about many different careers and it was amazing working with some of the sixth formers and some of my classmates. On the day we had to decorate our boards where we stayed back after school. I got quite frustrated but I was really really proud of what I had completed in the end. I totally recommend this to everyone, it is such an amazing experience.

My mentor Rebecca has helped me along the road so I would like to thank her."

- Jasmeet Lamba, 8H


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