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KS4 Exam Timetable

Click the link below to see the dates and times of the Year 11 pre public exams (PPE) taking place this term.

Year 11 Pre Public Exams (PPE) 2017

KS4 Exam Regulations

  • Students must attend in full uniform with the equipment they need for that exam.
    a. Science and Mathematics Paper 2 exams require a scientific calculator
    b. School will not provide calculators or any other maths equipment for the exam.
    c. If you do not bring your equipment you will do the exam without it.
  • Mobile technology must be put in a locker or given into the Key Stage Team if any mobile technology is taken into an exam that exam will be cancelled and possibly all other exams you have taken this year.

KS4 – Exam and Revision Timetable Summer 2015

Year 9 &10
Normal timetable except students will attend Revision sessions as appropriate.

Year 11
•  Timetables to involve a mix of normal lessons and revision sessions; students will attend lessons until they have sat the exam or have completed their BTEC course
Timetable will not include PSHE, PE or registration. 

NOTE:  Students doing BTEC Sport Resit exams will be notified seperately

These timetables will be given to students in due course.