Medicine Workshop

Medicine Workshop

Barnhill welcomed Kings College London into the school to engage prospective Medicine students with a workshop for a range of different clinical skills. 

The students enjoyed having a go at creating sutures (stitches) on model flesh wounds, taking blood samples, performing CPR and checking blood pressure. The students from years 10-13 were given the opportunity to find out more about studying for Medicine degree, at this prestigious London University, from the four visiting Medical students. 

Since 2010 ten students from Barnhill have gone on to study Medicine/Dentistry at University. The effort that we go to in ensuring the students know how to prepare for their University applications and understand from an early age the requirements of these challenging and popular courses, alongside the mentoring and great range of opportunities that the Science department offers interested students, has ensured this success and much higher successful applicants than other comparable schools in the borough. 


If you are interested in studying Medicine in the future, please speak to Ms Ball.

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