Mr Dutta's Challenge

Mr Dutta's Challenge

Year 8 students from Mr Dutta's class were set a challenge to come up with a method which made it possible to develop a miniature robot or machine which can be inserted into humans to deliver medicine to a malignant or diseased cell. 

They had to gather research linking Maths (measuring the smallest particles), with Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. 

Various slideshows and YouTube clips were presented to the students followed by a question/answer session before they set to work!

Mr Dutta examined each of the presentations and awarded students first, second or third place for their project. The students presentations of their research can be seen below:

1st Place Hassan Hassan, Sharmrke Suleman, Hasan Ahmed and Imran Abdi

2nd Place Aman Shangha and Hassan Amey

Aaron Sehdev, and Artur Wagner

3rd Place Sunjan Sunar, Ulmit Sethi, Pavel Salih, and O'Shane Harris

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