Stunning GCSE Results for Barnhill Students

Stunning GCSE Results for Barnhill Students

Nine Y11 students from Barnhill Community High in Hayes students are celebrating with at least ten or more A or A* GCSE grades this morning. 

Once again students showed excellent results at the top level and three students in particular must be congratulated: 



 Aaranjah Vickneswaran topped the results with a stunning thirteen A*'s and an A Sohaib Mohammed was absolutely delighted with eight A*s, 4 As and a C   Mahwish Nasrullah opens her results to find she has eleven As, one B and one C


Nilaksiga Sangarathas is also celebrating with thirteen A*-A grades.

Other notable results include Habibullah Ahmadi, Ahmed Isse, Faduma Osman and Dylan Swift all with eleven A*-A grades. 

Nervous students arrived early at the school gates and it was busy straight away with over 230 envelopes being ripped open. As the grades determine what students do next, in most cases joining Barnhill’s high performing Sixth-form, specialist staff were on hand to help with careers advice and guidance. 

Head of School, Andy Stansfield is delighted with these results: “I am very proud of what our students have achieved this year especially in the light of all the changes to the GCSE curriculum. They have worked incredibly hard, supported by their teachers and families, and deserve their success. Our outstanding teaching at Barnhill has meant that each student has come away with a good set of results, and I am pleased that once again we are stretching our most able students to achieve at the highest level.”


 Barkha, Iffat, Zarlisht, Ashna and Aaranjah celebrate fantastic results



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