Y12 Aspirin Challenge

Y12 Aspirin Challenge

Tue 24 June 2014

This week saw the start of the annual Year 12 Aspirin challenge. 

Students need to plan, order, make and test their own aspirin.  This requires a high level of skill but many pupils have already taken the competition to the next level with many trying to make salicylic acid from willow tree bark rather than just use the school stock bottles.  

Tue 1 July 2014

The increase in temperature has brought more heat to the competition.  The pupils have really stepped up their game.  With unexpected flash points and also crazy trials with chemicals the pupils took time to reflect on their projects.  Comprehensive risk assessments have shown the competency that Barnhill pupils have and also how well they can manage challenging experiments.  With resources running dry some pupils have shown great initiative by working together and some have solved the problem of the uncrystallisable oil.  Will they make it in time to produce their tablets?  Orders are welcome.


To see more photos of the Aspirin Challenge, click here

Check this space every week to see how we are getting on!








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