Y12 Spectroscopy Masterclass at Queen Mary University

Y12 Spectroscopy Masterclass at Queen Mary University

On 18 June, 18 AS Chemistry students were taken to Queen Marys university in Mile End for a Spectroscopy masterclass.  The concept is amongst the most difficult in A2 chemistry so the students were happy to get a head start for next year. 

The students were given a teaching session first where they were with pupils from other schools.  The students were given a challenging task to some up and most of the Barnhill students showed their calibre by getting a 100%.  This was met by a rather loud 'BARNHIIILLL' from our students! 

They were then given a tour of the machines including one with liquid helium inside at a temperature of -260 C.  This, we were told, if it broke could freeze the oxygen in the room.  Understandably we left fairly quickly!  

The students, being very proactive, told the lecturers about their forth coming aspirin challenge and were told they could bring their samples back to be tested in the machines later in July.  This shows how passionate the students of Barnhill are, so much so that Anmol Ladva and Mona Abdul Karim even managed to secure some work experience for the summer!  

The day finished with a good meal and some laughs at how the boys struggled to operate an oyster card.  A good experience and good connections made.

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