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Work Experience

Level 2 students undertake work experience one day per week. This aids their vocational studies with relevant skills that will assist them in the world of work. Students arrange their work placements themselves, in consultation with the Key Stage Team.


We take students’ physical fitness and participation in sporting activities seriously. Students are required to complete one hour per week of physical activity, and a variety of different activities are offered to students. Students are also encouraged to take part in the lunchtime and after school sports clubs, which are on offer, covering a wide range of activities.

Enrichment Week

Throughout the school students participate in activities designed to accompany their curricular development. Year 12 students take part in activities that are designed specifically to provide them with experiences and workshops that aid their achievement, as well as cultural understanding.


Students are expected to participate in enrichment activities, designed to develop their leadership skills, as well as making a positive contribution to the school. A number of options for enrichment activities are offered.

Community Service

Community Service is designed to make students more aware of the wider community and to promote an ethos of making an impact on the lives of others. There are a number of Community Service areas that students get involved with.