In This Section

Barnhill Community High School offers an innovative curriculum that includes the Year 7 Access Programme. This is a very popular and sought after provision offered at Barnhill as it provides a nurturing environment for vulnerable students during their first year at secondary school.

The creative and personalised approach to teaching and learning adopted by the Access Team, ensures excellent progress and enables most students to join the mainstream curriculum in Year 8.

The Curriculum

The Access programme offers an exciting curriculum that is differentiated and adapted to the needs of the individual students and this allows the development and growth of each one at their own pace.

Students work collaboratively and the teaching is focused particularly on the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills. 

The students in the Access programme, however, are not just provided with the academic skills for success but receive a more holistic development and therefore the Access curriculum also delivers support in terms of behaviour management, independent skills and social and communication skills. This contributes hugely in preparing them for Year 8 and joining the mainstream curriculum.