Year 7 STEM Project

Year 7 STEM Project

For a short mini-project, Year 7 students were asked to research one of the areas from the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) programme they have recently been studying.  

Each student presented their findings in front of their peers and two judges; Mr Macaulay and Mrs Taylor. 

The judges were very impressed by the wide range of themes which had been explored including black holes, parallel universes, global warming, and The Big Bang.

Congratulations to our three winners:

1st Place: Bethany Willingham - Cage for a Hamster

"I was inspired by my cousins hamster, Harry. He has such a small cage, and he was cramped by all his toys.

In my research I found that cages should give hamsters a certain amount of room to sleep, and to have privacy.

Winning 1st was really exciting and shocking. I am really proud of what I have achieved in this project, and I hope to go on further in the future."

2nd Place: Najma Faizi - The Solar System

"I made a model to do with the solar system and used many materials including foam balls, cocktail sticks and other crafty things.

I am very proud of myself to be achieving second place and hitting my targets to aim as high as I can. To be one of the winners means a lot to me. It shows how much progress made in Year 7."

3rd Place: Vithusan Suthakaran - My Maths Project

"My amazing project is about speed, velocity and acceleration. 

These three topics are formulas in the world but velocity and acceleration are the two most common formulas because you will see the real life graphs in velocity and acceleration. I was inspired by a car going fast in front of me which encouraged me to do more research and see all the links related."

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