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Alumni - Shahram Nojo

Shahram Nojo

Studying History at Warwick University

Shahram attended Barnhill from 2008 – 2013. Shahram defied all expectations with his results as he arrived here from Afghanistan with very little English. However, with great support from the school throughout his time here and with working incredibly hard he then went on to achieve stunning results. For his GCSEs he attained 11 A* - C Grades and then in his A Levels he attained straight A grades in History, Economics, Geography and also an A in AS Psychology.

What you are doing now: Attending Warwick University- BA History, On track for 1st class Hons. Also, I am currently taking part in legal internships, part of the men's History football team, soon to start my own Boxing society and involved in various entrepreneurial projects.

Advice for GCSE Students: Make sure to always stay positive and do your homework. You will get the grades you deserve!

Advice for A Level Students: Simply staying positive and doing homework will get you nowhere. This is not GCSEs anymore! It takes dedication, hard work and time management to achieve the grades you need at this level of your education. The key to doing well in A levels is doing well in AS. If you achieve your desired grades in year 12, year 13 will be a walk in the park. If you do not do so well in AS, it’s make or break in year 13.