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Amy Louise Taylor

Amy-Louise Taylor

Primary School Teacher teaching Reception

During her time here Amy-Louise studied GCSE English, Maths, Science, Spanish, Media Studies, Drama, History, Geography and Sociology. Following this she studied English, Media Studies and Theatre Studies for A Levels and then she went to St Mary's University, Twickenham to undertake a degree in English Language, Literature and Media Arts. During her time at university Amy-Louise excelled and this is illustrated with her attaining a First Class degree.

What you are doing now: I am a currently a primary school teacher teaching Reception students.

Advice for Students: Secondary school isn't forever. Cherish it, make the most of it, but most of all remember that there is life after it!  Do what makes you happy and never stop trying to reach your goals. Don't let failure stop you - let it push you forward! Forget about the negative influences around you and surround yourself with people who will support you.  I achieved my ambition of becoming a teacher and it took a lot of hard work, but the things we love often do. Don't settle. Keep going.