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Courtney Flanders

Courtney Flanders

Studying History and Politics at the University of Glasgow

Courtney attained 6 GCSE’s at grades A- C and later went on to achieve B, C, C in his A Levels.

What are you doing now: I attend the University of Glasgow studying History and Politics, MA Joint Hons, Graduating 2017. In first year I served as class representative for History in the first semester and Politics in the second semester. In addition to studying I joined my university trampoline club in first year and immediately took to it, winning my first competition in the lowest category - novice and moving up categories ever since. Most recently I came first in the category BUCS 4, winning one of three individual medals from my university. BUCS is a university sports league, for trampoline it’s held once a year with competitors from all clubs across the U.K. attending. This year I joined a competitive trampoline club outside of the university club and won my first competition with them. In addition I was elected Secretary last year and for the next year I have been elected Captain of Glasgow University Trampoline Club. Furthermore, I am now also a Level 1 trampoline coach and taking my level 2 course at the moment. I also work part time in a hotel restaurant.

Advice to Students: I would say that you should never put a limit your aspirations or questions whether you can achieve them. Look outward, to where you could be happy and what you really want to do, if you don’t know what you want to do as a career then just study what is interesting to you or what makes you happy, the career bit can be figured out after. I would suggest actively looking away from the comfort and security of friends and family - I may be biased having moved to Scotland, but I am now fully independent and I don’t think I could have done this without taking myself out of the area I had lived in my whole life!