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Michael Bui

Michael Bui

Studying BSc in Business Management at Kingston University

Michael undertook 10 GCSEs and all were grades A-C. Following this he completed A Levels in IT-A*, Business-C and Economics-B.

What you are doing now: I am at Kingston University studying a BSc in Business Management and I am on track to achieve a 1st. Furthermore, I am in my penultimate year entering my placement year as a Business Analyst for ‘Avis Budget Group’ Throughout the last year I have balanced my studies and have successfully opened a restaurant in the heart of Twickenham which was ranking top 10 out of 200 restaurants in Twickenham according to TripAdvisor. 

What my plan is for the future: After completing my placement I expect to graduate in 2017. With my degree and relevant experiences I intend to secure a work visa and tackle the world globally with Australia and Singapore in mind. With regards to the restaurant we intend to franchise the business if our annual targets are met. 

Advice to students: Life is what you make of it! The decision is in your hands. I learned this after realising I was falling behind amongst my fellow peers and as they progress they won’t be there when you fail! So if you’re anything like me it’s time to make that decision! Forget the people who are dragging you behind and value those who are ambitious and strive for success! Give up joking around and being ‘cool’. Think about yourself and your future! What do you want to do? How are you going to get there? In such a competitive world everyone is for themselves, you have to be the best you can be! These few years left of your education is just the beginning of your life so be persistent, put yourself out there and exceed expectations!

Lastly always remember to…..Work hard in silences and let your success do the talking!