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Barnhill does not tolerate any form of bullying and we have a strong anti-bullying policy in place.

 Bullying is rare in the school, but it would be untrue to say it never takes place. If it does, we make sure we deal with it quickly and firmly.

We always put the interests of anyone who is bullied first. We take robust action against anyone who bullies, but also offer them support to change their behaviour.

What is bullying?

It is behaviour by an individual or a group that is seen by you as an attempt to hurt, frighten, humiliate or threaten you or someone else, particularly if the behaviour is repeated or persistent

Bullying can be:

  • Physical: Hitting, pushing, taking someone’s belongings
  • Verbal: Name calling, insulting, racist or sexist remarks, threatening or demanding money
  • Indirect: Spreading rumours, sending abusive text messages/emails, excluding someone from a group

How to react:

  • Try to ignore bullies. Walk away and do not let them see that you are upset. Don’t give them the satisfaction of getting a reaction from you.
  • If you can, calmly stand up for yourself and ask them to stop their behaviour
  • Try to stay with your friends and avoid being on your own

What to do next:

  • Tell someone you trust. This could be a friend, someone at home or a teacher. Just talking to someone may help you to find a solution to the problem
  • What will happen if you tell a teacher?
  • The teacher will listen to you and offer support. The teacher can talk to the person who is bullying you (if you agree) and hopefully stop the bullying

What to do if you see bullying:

  • Comfort and support the victim
  • Stay with the victim
  • Tell someone (e.g. a teacher) what you have seen
  • Tell the victim to report the incident
  • If you are in a group where one member is bullying, show that you disapprove, because by doing nothing you support the bully