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All Year 12 students will study the PSHE Careers scheme of work. This covers various topics designed to assist the student's progression to further education, employment or training.

Lessons are delivered by the CEIAG and Key Stage 11-13 team and outside providers at relevant opportunities throughout the year. In February/March time a UCAS programme will also run.

Careers Interviews

We offer every student the opportunity to attend a one-hour Careers appointment with the school's Careers Adviser during the course of Year 12/13. Students, their teachers and parents can request an interview at any time during the year. They will not automatically receive an appointment however some students will be referred directly to the advisor if the school feel it would support their future choices.

During the interview, an action plan is produced for the student. A follow-up meeting can be booked at any time should they feel they need it.

Visitors from Local Colleges and Universities and Visits to these Educational Providers

Throughout the academic year, representatives from the local further education colleges, universities and training providers are invited into Barnhill to speak to the students during PSHE and assemblies. Details of college and university open days and taster sessions are supplied to the students and they are encouraged to attend.

Other Visitors And Career Insight Days

Other visitors come to school to speak to the students whenever there is opportunity or demand. Such visitors include the army, the RAF and apprenticeship providers.

In addition, Careers Insight days to some of London’s top businesses will also take place several times throughout the school academic year.

College and Apprenticeship Applications

Around February and March, prospectuses and application forms for the most popular local colleges and apprenticeship providers are made available to the students through their form tutors, the Careers Department and from the Key Stage 11-13 office as this is the period of the year when the majority of these opportunities go ‘live’.

Tutors can use the weekly PSHE period to help students complete their forms although many students prefer to complete their applications at home with their parents. The special needs department also helps their students in the completion of the forms during support sessions.

Later in the term, students wishing to apply for apprenticeships or training will be offered one to one support from the Careers Adviser to help create their applications. These applications are circulated to employers seeking college leavers and to the training providers. The careers action plans are checked to ensure that no student has missed submitting an application in line with their stated intentions.

Parents' Evening

The Careers Adviser is present at parents' evenings to meet any parents who might wish to receive help, guidance and advice for their child. 

Other Careers Services

In addition to providing an in house careers advisory and support service, our Careers Advisor also extends their service to post Barnhill students by:

  • Providing extended support to students during the transition from Year 11 into Year 12.
  • Follow up on all Year 12 college leavers and collate information on destinations of those students.
  • Offering interviews and drop-in sessions to former students not engaged in employment, education or training.