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Year 7 & Year 8

At Key Stage 3, most of the Careers Education takes place during the weekly PSHE period and is delivered by the form tutor.

There is no separate careers education, however the PSHE course includes those statutory elements that become important later in relation to employment. These elements include relationships, skills, strengths and weaknesses and so forth.

The PSHE lessons are under the direction of the CEIAG department and the Key Stage 7-8 team. Some pupils in year 7 and 8 will be involved in the HE insight days with educational providers such as University of West London, Oxford University, Brunel University, Bucks University and Middlesex University.

Option Choices

The Careers Advisor uses a PSHE lesson and tutor time to introduce option choices at 14 and link these choices with possible future progression and employment post 16.

An assembly is also held by the CEIAG team in collaboration with the Key Stage 7-8 team who deliver IAG with regards to Option Choices.

In addition, form tutors continue the work on choices as necessary during the weekly tutor period.


Options Evening

Details of all courses on offer will be available at the options fair and there will be a presentation about the curriculum and the issues that students should consider when making their decisions.

We strongly advise that students and parents or carers should attend this evening so that they are fully informed about the transfer to Key Stage 4.

Parents' Evening             

The Careers Adviser is present at parents' evenings to meet any parents who might wish to receive help, guidance and advice for their child.


Each year, several Year 7 and Year 8 students are selected to attend the Junior Entrepreneur of the Year Competition hosted by Middlesex University. The purpose of this competition is to encourage students to start thinking about the notion of enterprise and what it means to undertake enterprising actions in relation to starting and running a business.

Barnhill has won the competition several times, the last time being in 2013 when our students devised a new free app for mobile phones that gave the brain a work-out; “Riddle Me App” – the concept of which to warm up people’s minds before going to work, university or school.