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Introduction to the Careers Department

Early in the spring term (January), the school’s Careers Adviser takes a lesson with each tutor group to introduce them to the CEIAG department (usually taking place during a PSHE lesson).

Students are encouraged to pay the CEIAG department (F27) a visit where they will be educated on how to access information from the department (such as books, pamphlets and magazines) and also how to access information online through a number of useful websites.

PSHE lessons

As with years 7 and 8 students, the statutory requirements for Careers Education is fulfilled during the weekly PSHE lessons under the direction of the CEIAG team in collaboration with the Key Stage 9-10 team.

Option Choices

The school Careers Advisor uses PSHE lessons and tutor time to introduce option choices at 14 and link these choices with possible future progression and employment post 16.

An assembly is also held by the CEIAG team in collaboration with the Key Stage 9-10 team as they are responsible for delivering IAG with regards to Option Choices. In addition, form tutors continue the work on choices as necessary during the weekly PSHE period.

Parents' Evening

The Careers Adviser is present at parents' evenings to meet any parents who might wish to receive help, guidance and advice for their child.

Gifted and Talented and AimHigher

During the course of Year 9, students that are identified as being gifted and talented are given, through visits and displays, an introduction to the range of further and higher education available at Year 11 and post 16.

As a school we also offer visits and internal workshops in collaboration with our partner Universities:

  • University of West London
  • Oxford University
  • Brunel University
  • Cambridge University
  • Bucks University
  • Middlesex University