How will I know if the school is supporting my child?

How will I know if the school is supporting my child? 

How will I know how my child is doing?

How is student progress monitored?

All students:

  • The school will always send you a letter to let you know if we are proposing to offer your child support that is additional to or different from what is already in place for all mainstream students.
  • Passport to Achievement Day and Parent Consultation Evenings are both opportunities to discuss your child’s progress and needs and to find out about support options.
  • Parents are always welcome to contact their child’s Form Tutor in order to make an appointment to discuss particular concerns as they arise.

Students with Statements and EHCPs:

  • Your child will have identified needs and an education plan in place from the time they start at Barnhill Community High. Allocated teaching assistant support and interventions will be in line with their educational objectives or outcomes. 
  • Your child will also be assigned a school based key worker to provide further support that could be on social, emotional level or general support to help cope with the day to day life at school.
  • Students will have an Annual Review of their progress and needs. This comes in the form of a full written school report in advance of a specially arranged face to face meeting between parents and staff. During this meeting, students, parents, staff and sometimes designated representatives from external agencies will have the chance to express their views about the progress being made and the provision they are receiving at school.