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ICT at Barnhill

ICT services at Barnhill are provided by The Barnhill Partnership Trust.  Featuring state-of-the-art virtual desktops, students and staff have access to the latest Microsoft Windows and Office software.

Barnhill has over 250 portable devices such as laptops, iPads and Android tablets as well as 9 ICT suites comprising a total of over 250 PCs. There is also a suite of Apple iMacs for specialist art and media applications.

The ICT support department has a dedicated team who install, maintain and support these first-class facilities and the complex server and network infrastructure required.  In fact, Barnhill's ICT is larger and more up to date than most businesses!

Accounts and Logins

There are two main accounts used at Barnhill as the school’s computer and email systems use different log-ins.  The LGFL login is used for Student Email and Office365 and the school network login is used for computers in school and for Moodle.

More details about accounts and logins


Facilities Available


Student Email - each student has a dedicated account provided by our network partner London Grid for Learning (LGFL).  Accessible inside and outside of school, meaning that students always have access to their email using Outlook Web Access.  This also integrates with Office365 (see below).  Staff and students need to use their LGFL login to access content.

Detailed instructions to use Student Email



This is Microsoft's cloud-based solution for their Office products and provided in partnership with LGFL.  Accessible via the student email login, this allows students to create and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents without having to own or install the software locally.  This can be used by most machines with a modern browser and internet access.  Office365 is accessed via the Student Email Outlook using the LGFL login

Detailed instructions to use Office365


Virtual PC

Enables staff and students to access a school based Microsoft Windows PC on a multitude of devices from any location with internet access.  Many students now access a virtual Microsoft Windows 7 desktop from their home PC, laptop, iPad, Android tablet or even smartphone.  This works over WiFi as well as 3G and 4G.  Virtual PC users have full access to the software used in school (including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop) and means that it is no longer necessary to purchase expensive software for home use. Staff and students need to use their school network login to access content.

Detailed instructions to use Virtual PC


MoodleBarnhill uses the Moodle VLE e-learning platform which allows students to access homework, assignments and other content set by teachers. Staff and students need to use their school network login to access content.

Access Moodle and other resources such as Doddle and GCSEpod here.