In This Section

Barnhill’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is just to the right of the main school entrance. It provides a warm and welcoming area to relax and enjoy reading with over 16,000 books, made up of fiction, some non-fiction and reference books; magazines; daily, weekly and local newspapers. There are colorful soft chairs for reading and tables to work at.

The LRC is split into two areas –

  • The Reading Zone
  • The Study Zone

The LRC is open from 8am until 3.50 every day and Mrs Woodbridge is the full-time librarian.

Numerous students make use of the LRC at break times using the resources to read or to complete their homework.

We aim to provide our students with opportunities and innovative learning resources that will motivate and inspire them to become competent readers and independent learners, the essential skills required for life-long learning.

The Reading Zone

The Reading zone is a large, bright and welcoming area with thousands of fiction books. The books cover many different genres including, Teen Drama, Adventure, Humour, Sci-Fi, Crime, Horror, Fantasy, classics, sport and a selection of non-fiction ‘break time reads’.

The LRC is host to many different reading groups including, The Reading Champions which is a boy group with male staff as mentors.

A variety of non-teaching staff have group reading sessions, reading plays and other exciting resources.

Together with the English department we are also running a reading scheme called the Accelerated Reading program for some year 7 classes. The students read and then log on to the AR website and take a quiz on the book to gain points. All the students taking part are really enjoying this program.

The LRC is open during all break times for students in every year group. Students can sit on our comfortable chairs and read books, magazines or a daily paper.

The Study Zone

The study zone is used by the 6th form during the day for Private Study lessons, independent learning and reading. There are 6 computers and 23 notebooks with internet access. The study zone can be used by years 7-11 before school (8-8.15am) and after school ( 2.50 – 3.50pm) also they can access the working area and reference books at break times.