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Labour Market Information


Labour Market Information, often abbreviated to LMI, is information about the number of job vacancies, as well as the skills and qualifications asked for by employers.

To help you to be realistic in your planning - both for courses and careers you are thinking about - it's vital you find out more about the labour market as you want to maximise the chances of getting a job after finishing your Sixth Form, College, University, Apprenticeship  or other training course. For example, did you know that half of all young people who have graduated from University since 2008 are now working in ‘non-graduate’ jobs because there are very few jobs in the degree they choose to study.

On the useful links tab to the right hand-side there are two reports that focus on local and national labour market information. 

The report entitled ‘Careers Of The Future 2014’ is an important report as it allows you to see what jobs are going to be in the most demand over the next several years so your chances of employment in these sectors once you finish GCSE’s, Sixth Form, College, University, Apprenticeship or other training course is very high should you make the choice to study these.


Click here to open a report with London Labour Market Information.