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Physical Education

PE is a valued subject at Barnhill Community High School. Two hours curriculum time per week is devoted to PE study for all Years 7-11 and one hour compulsory PE for students in Year 12. Students can study PE further at key stage 4 through Level 2 BTEC Sport and GCSE PE. In the Sixth Form students can study A level PE or Level 3 BTEC Sport.

The purpose of PE at Barnhill is to develop student’s practical performance of physical skills in a range of different activities and develop their appreciation of tactics and compositional concepts. Students learn how to evaluate their own and others strengths and weaknesses and use communication skills to inform change for improvement. Another strand pupils explore is their ability to relate with others, how to contribute in team situations and how to work with others, supporting each other and learning from one another. The combination of these skills helps to build confident young people equipped for the rigours of life at work or further study.

The curriculum we offer is progressive and over time we aim to provide students with the necessary skills to pursue sport well into adult life either as a participant, a coach or as an administrator.

The PE staff are aware that ability in PE changes from one student to another and we strive to provide exciting opportunities for all students to fulfil their potential. With this in mind we compliment the core curriculum with a range of extra-curricular activities. These include competitive fixtures against schools in Hillingdon, Middlesex and beyond. The PE department also put on a number of Inter-House events which reach out to all students giving them an opportunity to represent the House to which they belong. Many of these events are organised and delivered by our Sports Leaders (students) who receive tuition and coaching to enable them to lead events of their own. This is something we are particularly proud of.

The PE kit is simple allowing all students to purchase it and wear it. The PE kit is compulsory and students are expected to provide it to each and every one of their PE lessons. We think that it is practical and smart and with the Barnhill emblem on, it gives students a sense of pride that they have chosen to join Barnhill Community High School.

We hope all our students enjoy PE and look forward to the times in the week when they study it.

Mr J Reid
PE Curriculum Leader