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Science is a challenging, yet rewarding subject. It explains the way that we are able to live, as well as the wonders of the Universe and progression of the world around us. As a subject to study it is full of variety and a wealth of opportunity to decipher, design and discover. Science is an important subject for all students and their futures; it is part of the core curriculum and allows the development of skills necessary in all careers.

At Barnhill Community High students complete a two year key stage three programme of study, which is designed to develop skills in investigative study and analysis. Students begin each year by completing a series of activities to gain their own practical licence, they then go on to study a range of topics, all delivered through a mixture of theory and practical lessons. After each topic the students are assessed to provide personalised targets for improvements, lesson time is spent working towards these targets, so that students are aware of ways that they can improve and are therefore able to do so.

In additional to learning in lessons key stage three students are able to participate in Science Club, allowing students to complete educational and engaging practical activities, including making wounds for Halloween, elephant’s toothpaste and ice cream! For students with a penchant for engineering we also offer STEM club, where students can put their understanding of mechanics to good use, whilst developing skills important for Science, Maths and Technology.

At Key Stage Four students follow a personalised curriculum, tailored to their individual needs. We study the AQA specification for GCSE and Edexcel specification for the more vocational BTEC qualifications. We ensure that the most able Scientists are challenged and can achieve a minimum of three GCSEs in Science, whilst providing opportunities for those who find Science more difficult the chance to take part in a variety of practical activities whilst achieving formal qualifications in the subject. The department runs intervention programmes for students of all abilities and provides Saturday revision sessions, as well as after school master classes and a range of mentoring programmes, for example for students aiming to study Medicine at university. All students continue to learn the three disciplines of Physics, Chemistry and Biology throughout Key Stage Four, building on the foundations from Key Stage Three and preparing students for A-levels within the field.

The Science department is enthusiastic and passionate about Science and education; we work hard to support all students at Barnhill Community High. We have a commitment to making Science an accessible, enjoyable and valuable learning experience for all students.

Ms T Ball
Science Curriculum Leader