In This Section

Leadership Group
Ms T Hemming Executive Head Teacher
Mr M Mayne Head of School 
Mr J Jones Deputy Head
Mr A Fenlon  Assistant Head: Achievement 
Ms C Lamb Assistant Head: Attendance/Safeguarding
Ms M Moore Assistant Head: Standards and Effectiveness
Ms G Leonard Assistant Head: Teacher and Teacher Development
Mr T Noakes Operations Director
Operations Director
Ms V Connolly Curriculum Leader
Ms H Newell Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms S Aboagye Subject Leader Computing
Mr D Bessong  
Ms Y Burhan  
Ms L Talbot  Director of Achievement Years 9 - 10
Ms S. Shori 
Mr C Jackson Joint Curriculum Leader
Mrs R Mitchell Joint Curriculum Leader
Mr I Anis Textiles Teacher
Ms G Gulyas Technology Teacher
Ms B. Griffin  
Ms P Ennever Food Teacher
Ms A. PrinceArt/Photography Teacher 
Ms P BainbridgeArt Teacher 
Ms A. Lynch Director of English 
Ms K Sivanesan Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms S. Sriram  Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr R Deveraux-Ward  
Ms I Parkin  
Ms R Zamora  
Ms A Hutchison  
 Ms K Petsopoulou  
 Ms S Soomro  
 Ms L Swayne  
 Ms T Ebanks 
Mr R Edwards Curriculum Leader, 
Ms N Monteiro Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr N Clarke Deputy Curriculum Leader ic History and Politics
Ms S. Bristow
Ms A. Claeys
Mr A Khan
Ms S Wheeler
Mr H Polnyj
Ms R Wolfreys
Ms L Smith Curriculum Leader
Ms C Jumpp-Graham Teacher in Charge: Health and Social Care
Mr T Wilson Director of Achievement 
Mr S Wallace  
Mr S. Gaddu Key Stage Director
Ms F Mazhar 
Mr. A. MashidaDirector of Mathematics 
Mr T Steele-Dadzie Curriculum Leader
Ms N Raizada Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr H Chentouf Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms S Kauser  
Mr M Liadi  
Mr P Poonith  
Ms N Patel Teach First 
Ms S. Chahin  
 Mr J. Gill  
 Ms S Kabisch  
 Ms M Niedzielska  
Ms V Castry Curriculum Leader
Ms C Summers Deputy Curriculum Leader
Ms M Anani-Agbo  
Mr J Forde  
Ms H Gillingham Curriculum Leader
Ms T Dodds Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr M Cairns Teacher in Charge: Music
Mr S Mann Key Stage Director Years 6 - 8
Ms M Tupou Director of Achievement Years 11 - 13
 Ms R. MacBrideCurriculum Leader
Mr J Reid
Ms K. Inwood  
 Ms F Dale  
 Mr S. Lunnon  
 Mr P. Shepherd  Director of Achievement 
 Mr A Watson SGO/SSCO
 Ms B Cooke  SSCO
Ms T Ball Director of Science
Mr L Macauley Deputy Curriculum Leader Key Stage 3, Key Stag 5 Physics Co-Ordinator
Ms T Wallis Deputy Curriculum Leader Key Stage 4, Key Stag 5 Biology Co-Ordinator
Mr M Janar Key Stage Director 
Mr S. Babber  
Ms S. Barker  
Ms R. Begum  
Ms S. Capoccia  
Mr R Cooper  
Mr M. Hussein  
Ms M. Nkune  
Ms N. Sadaf  
Ms B. Shaukat  
 Ms S. Somji  
 Ms S. Shresta  
Ms S Arjoon Teacher in Charge
Mr B Watts  
Ms L Bond HLTA
Ms S Flowers HLTA
Ms L Howard HLTA
Ms A Martincevic HLTA
Ms S Smith HLTA
Ms C. Muyah Curriculum Leader
Ms G Vockic HLTA
Ms S Caton Senior Teaching Assistant
Ms S Bhattacharjee Teaching Assistant
Mr F Fernandez Teaching Assistant
Ms H Jose Teaching Assistant
Ms O. Beezmohun Teaching Assistant
Ms K. Paul "Thinking Reading"
Miss D. Aiton PA to Executive Leadership Team
Miss A. Bedwell Receptionist (Morning)
Ms A. BellIT Junior 
Ms L Cass MIS Director 
Ms D Devgon Finance Manager
Ms T Dyer Trust HR Manager
Ms P Healy Receptionist (Afternoon)
Ms S Horne Examination Officer
Mr R Johnson IT Manager 
Ms C Bhogal Attendance Officer
 Ms C Flaherty Home School Support Worker 
 Ms B. GattauraFinance Assistant 
Ms M. Johnston Reprographics
Ms K Powell Admissions Officer
Ms S Roadnight Administrative Officer
Mr V Rupra IT Support Engineer
Ms L Shew Welfare Assistant
Ms J Noonan Marketing Manager
Mr S Simmonds IT Support Engineer
Mr B Sweeney IT Director
Ms N Tyrrell Finance Assistant 
Ms J Woodbridge LRC Manager
Ms P. Maholtra Science
Mr J Ryan English/Media
Ms D Hand Humanities
Ms C Lewis Languages/Food
Mr P Padmakumar Business Studies/Performing Arts
Ms S Palmer Creative Design/SEN/Access
Ms P. Phills Maths
Ms V Barracks Counsellor
Ms L Brennan Assistant Pastoral Support Officer Years 9 - 10
Ms L Dixon Pastoral Support Officer Years 9 - 10
Ms A Gabriel Learning Mentor
Ms E Shortall Assistant Pastoral Officer Years 6 - 8
Ms S Taylor Pastoral Officer Years 6 - 8
Mr M Van der Spool Behaviour Support
Ms T Wiggins Cover Manager/Pastoral Support Officer Years 11 - 13
Ms K. Vinson Student Support 
Ms K Davidson-Allers Assistant Pastoral Support Officer Years 11 - 13
Ms S Ahmed Science 
Ms T Bliss Science
Ms J Jordan Creative Design (Graphics/Resistant Materials)
Ms J MacPherson Senior Science Technician
Ms J Sawtell Creative Design (Textiles)
Ms V Wright Science


Director of Achievement Years 6 - 8