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Student Rights and Responsibilities

In order to create a community where there is mutual respect and fairness, staff and students have jointly worked on setting out the Rights of students and their Responsibilities. Knowing your Responsibilities as well as your Rights, we believe is also vital preparation for the world beyond school.

General Rights:

  • To be Safe
  • To a Good Education
  • To be Respected

Specific Rights:

  • To work in a safe environment
  • To have Health & Safety Rules explained
  • To feel safe with staff and students
  • To take part in well planned lessons
  • To be expected to do my best
  • To expect lessons to start on time
  • To work without distractions
  • To have my work marked
  • To have homework set
  • To have information and instructions explained well
  • To be spoken to politely and with respect by staff and students
  • To be listened to carefully
  • To have my property respected

General Responsibilities:

  • To act safely
  • To learn as well as I can
  • To respect other people and property

Specific Responsibilities

This means that I will:

  • Work safely
  • Stay where I am meant to be
  • Walk safely in the school building
  • Follow all safety instructions
  • Behave safely towards staff and students
  • Attend lessons properly equipped and ready to learn
  • Have high expectations of myself
  • Arrive at lessons on time
  • Work with others without distracting them
  • Complete and hand in classwork and homework on time
  • Listen carefully to information and instructions
  • Speak politely and with respect to everyone
  • Use suitable language
  • Have good manners
  • Share and co-operate
  • Be in school uniform
  • Look after the school environment
  • Take care of school and other people’s property