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The Burnet News Club

The Burnet News Club

The Burnet News Club is run by The Economist Educational Foundation, a charity which is owned by The Economist newspaper.

The Burnet News Club, exclusive to Year 7 students, uses The Economist’s journalistic expertise to create news content and unique programmes to help them develop the skills to engage with current affairs – critical thinking and the ability to support their views with sound arguments. We provide professional-quality platforms for them to share ideas and make their voices heard.

The students who were successful with their application to the news club are now writing regular blogs on the migrant crisis. 

Latest News

Amy Kastrati (7.2) was selected for an outstanding post on the topic of the Migrant crisis. Amy's comment focused on how the Paris attacks have made the issue of the Migrant Crisis in Syria even more complex. Her post is now displayed in the lobby of The Economist building in Canary Wharf for all journalists and politicians to see!"

 You can see the post and image here: