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How to use Virtual PC

Virtual PC

Barnhill Virtual PC can be accessed via the Virtual PC link in the blue bar at the top of every page of the school website.

What is it & what does it do?

Barnhill Virtual PC is a web application providing students and staff with a secure and safe method to connect to the school's software and resources whilst not actually in the school buidling.

How secure is it?

Virtual PC is incredibly secure and safe.  Once logged in, users are automatically restricted via same filtering that they would receive inside Barnhill Community High school, meaning that potentiallly dangerous websites and inappropriate content will be blocked.

Virtual PC uses the same Citrix Remote Access technology used by banks and businesses and as such is completely non-intrusive to your own system.  This means that unauthorised access to your home computer by malware or hackers is not possible through the system.

How will it benefit me?

Users have full access to all of the software and resources at home (or anywhere else with internet access) as they would within the school buildings:

  • Instant access to your user documents folder for all saved work
  • Homework and assignments can be worked on and saved directly into your own user documents folder.  This eliminates the need for memory sticks.
  • Access Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint, Adobe Creative Suite programs including Photoshop and Illustrator as well as many other applications used in school.  

Before you start, please read the following points:

To login simply type your username and password, (e.g Username: 14AA Password: Barnhill123)

  • You will have to download and install the Windows Citrix Web Receiver found here.  For macs and other platforms please press ‘View other devices’.  If the software prompts for a server address or work email, ignore this by closing the window.
  • You must have an internet connection for the entire duration of the session, if the internet connection drops during the session, you will be logged out. 

Windows Operating System:

  1. Enter your normal Barnhill Community High username and password (e.g 14AA)
  2. Upon first logon it will prompt you to download and accept a plugin, please download and run. (If you have installed Citrix receiver prior this may not happen)
  3. Once done, an image of a screen will appear titled either ‘Curriculum VPC’ or ‘Admin VPC’.
  4. Click the screen and accept any java ‘warnings’ that appear, this is usual behavior for this system.
  5. When you have finished please log off.


Andriod Devices:

  1. Download an app via the Google Play Store called Citrix Receiver app (No need to configure the app)
  2. Navigate to the Barnhill Community High website, and choose the Virtual PC tab on the blue bar at the top.
  3. Enter your normal Barnhill Community High username and password (e.g 14AA)
  4. Once done, an image of a screen will appear titled either ‘Curriculum VPC’ or ‘Admin VPC’, click the window image.
  5. It will load the Citrix receiver and will prompt you to open the file.
  6. Just click on "Open in Receiver".
  7. It will then launch the application
  8. This will then load a Barnhill Community High, Microsoft Windows Virtual desktop
  9. When finished, click logout.

Apple IOS Devices:

  1. Download and install Citrix Receiver for IOS from the iTunes App Store.
  2. Open the Citrix Receiver App and select "Add Account".
  3. In the Address field, type the following:
  4. Tap Next. The Verified screen appears.
  5. Type in the additional info, your Username, Password & Domain is BCH
  6. Complete the Verified screen and tap Save. A list of the desktops available to you appears. Click on the icon to log in.
  7. This will then load a Barnhill Community High Microsoft Windows Virtual desktop.
  8. When finished, please log out.


All students and staff have the ability to access the Virtual PC from home.  However successful access cannot be guaranteed due to inconsistencies on individual home computers, of which we have no control.

In addition, please be aware that varied hardware and software can drastically change the user experience.