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Year 12 Work Experience

Year 12 Work Experience

Choosing Work Experience Placements

Preliminary work for choosing Work Experience placements is undertaken during Year 12. Work Experience is co-ordinated by the CEIAG team in collaboration with the Key Stage 11-13 team. Year 12 will undertake a work placement in the summer term.

Work experience is about developing skills in a work environment outside of school and possibly developing foundations for a future career. Sixth form is a stepping stone to your future and finding a work experience placement in a role you are considering as a career may be beneficial.


Students are given the opportunity to practice key skills they have learned at school and develop their personality and the skills that employers are looking for in the workplace.

Students have the opportunity to find their own placement but we will help students find placements if they are struggling to do so.

Please click on the link on the left to find a list of places where Barnhill students have been on work placement previously. 

This list is just an example of where you could ask for an own find placement.  If these companies have given a placement before they could possibly give you a placement now.  You may have ideas of your own of companies where you could ask so please just use this as a guideline.