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The progression of students to Higher Education is something the Key Stage 11 –13 team takes very seriously. Students in Year 13 undertake applications for UCAS, and the Sixth Form at Barnhill supports students through every stage of this process, including writing personal statements. Students receive guidance on which courses may be the most suitable for them, as well as for their future intended careers. More information about the UCAS process can be found on the UCAS website.


UCAS Day is designed to begin students’ UCAS application process, explaining the details that students need to know and offering them an intensive introduction to the stages they will need to complete.

Green Day

Each year, Year 13 students participate in a Green Day, to contribute to the wider community outside of school. Students visited a local public green space to participate in a day of picking up litter, clearing and pruning of bushes and maintenance of these communal spaces. Students are able to see the positive impact of their efforts and take pride in the difference they can make to the lives of those who live locally.

Army Day

Every year, students in year 13 participate in an army day, in which they experience physical and team building activities supervised by the army. This is an enjoyable day for students, but it also provides insight for those students who may be interested in a career in the Armed Forces, as well as giving students the opportunity to take part in activities as a year group.