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In addition to the regular one day induction that all students are invited to, we have an extended induction in July for those students who need extra support or who are feeling anxious about coming to ‘big school’. This allows students to see how the school works while still having the comfort of returning to their primary school before the summer break. Students find this time invaluable as it shows them that there is nothing to be anxious about. 

We have dedicated induction time with the Tutor Group in September before lessons begin. Students spend time getting to know the members of their class and probably the most important person in their years at Barnhill, their Tutor. 

There are Year 8 Buddies assigned to each Tutor Group for the induction day(s) in July and the first couple of weeks of term in September. Current students have a good insight and experience which is shared with the new students during the induction day and the first few weeks.