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 Year 7-8 Key Stage Team



Ms Lamb
Key Stage Leader / Assistant Head Teacher



Ms Wheeler
Director of Achievement




Mr Mann
Key Stage Director




Ms Taylor
Pastoral Manager



Ms Shortall
Assistant Pastoral Support Officer

 Telephone the Year 7 Key Stage Team:
020 8839 0660
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How Will The Key Stage Team Support My Child?

“ A dynamic, diverse and talented team is committed to the care of students, which has an outstanding impact on care, guidance and support”

OFSTED has described our care for students as “outstanding” and we pride ourselves on the fact that we make sure that every child matters.

We have a Key Stage Team of five teaching and non-teaching staff dedicated to caring for every situation and any problem that your child may have. We are focused on supporting students academically, emotionally and socially. This is in addition to the support offered by Form Tutors and subject teachers.

Students are constantly challenged in all aspects of school life to advance their ability to become better learners and caring individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential.